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Social Impact

In a perfect world, every child enjoys the right to education, regardless of their religious, ethnic, and cultural background. We believe that all children have the right to develop their senses and awaken their curiosity. For that reason, we are setting aside a percentage of the fees you pay to provide quality education to children in underserved communities in Jordan through our satellite early education centers.

By joining Curio, you are not only making sure that your child is growing in a safe and stimulating environment, but also supporting the enrollment of two other children in our early learning centers. Our satellite nurseries and preschools in the governorates are run by women entrepreneurs who are carefully vetted and trained to become the best mentors based on our core values and educational philosophy.

We aim to make Curio a model for early childhood care and education in Jordan. We are taking one right step after the other towards accomplishing this goal by providing an excellent learning experience for all children so they can have a brighter future, and by empowering brave and ambitious women.

Meet Fudolio. Our satellite nursery in the unpriviledged communities, that we aim to expand to cover every corner in the kingdom.