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About Curio


We offer a play and project-based curriculum at Curio. Project-based learning is one where learners collaborate to investigate and inquire into an engaging challenge or question. Children will use play-based approaches to collaborate, communicate and come to conclusions about their investigations. The learning curriculum at Curio includes overarching themes of physical development, literacy, numeracy, personal and social education, and arts and design.

About Reggio Emilia

The Reggio Emilia approach is an educational philosophy that aims to expose children to a range of choices that enable them to explore, be creative, communicate, express emotions, reflect, investigate, and experiment. The Reggio Emilia approach provides a holistic framework for schools that encompasses the curriculum and physical environment. We adapted the Reggio Emilia approach at Curio as we were keen on providing our learners with an environment that suits the curious nature of the child.

The Reggio Emilia approach views the child as a speaker of one hundred languages. This stems from the fact that children are so expressive, versatile, and dynamic that they express themselves in a multitude of ways. Likely, at Curio, we believe in sparking that curiosity and providing the proper means for children to explore their surroundings and express themselves.

Our Space

Not only is our model unique, but also our space. At Curio, we ensure that all the spaces with which children interact feel warm, inclusive, and as much like home as possible. The spaces that we offer are not just rooms, they form an integral part of our educational philosophy at which the environment is leveraged as a third teacher.


Curio adopts the Reggio-Emilia approach in the design of its spaces. This means that every space we offer is designed to serve a purpose. Children’s interaction with the spaces and interactive walls at Curio will stimulate their learning and inspire new ideas.


At the heart of the space is the Piazza, or the square, a central and open area where all children can interact and play.

Creative activities are explored in the main Atelier, the hub of all artistic endeavors, while smaller mini ateliers allow children to experiment with new materials.


We invite children to explore and discover more in the outdoor area, as they experience nature firsthand and learn in a classroom without a roof, where the “inside” meets the “outside”.


Our colorful Kitchen with tables, chairs and flowers is as a group space where children can creatively unlock their social and personal skills together.


Each one of these spaces is designed to act as an incubator of new opportunities. Every day, children get a chance to explore, communicate and develop safely in spaces that celebrate nature, creativity, and discovery.